Alternative Therapy

Stomach Issues
Alternative therapy includes everything from supplements, homeopathy, naturopathy, to detox protocols, to non-approved FDA therapies like MMS. Learn what alternative thinking people are doing here.

Aloe Vera For Stomach Issues star
Aloe Vera is a time tested and research tested plant product that can help digestive issues, crohn's, irritable bowel and many other conditions, stomach pain, indigestion, relux, heartburn

Colic Remedies star
Some alternative medicinal treatments are listed here to help an infant suffering from colic.

Colonic Irrigations - To Have or Not To Have star
Have you been wondering if a colonic irrigation would be of benefit for your you? Here is some information that may help you to make up your mind.

Cure Lyme Disease star
Lyme Disease can now be treated with an enzyme protocol that will break open the Lyme cyst. No other treatment has found a consistant way to open the cyst and kill the spirochetes within. Antimicrobials are required. This article tells you new diagnostic methods and a new protocol to treat Lyme.

Ginger for Digestive Disorders star
Looking to add Ginger into your health regimen for a healthy stomach and digestive purposes? Ginger has a long history of benefiting the digestive tract and treating digestive disorders. Here is the information that will be helpful to you.

How to Detox Radio Active Isotopes star
This article is written to assit people around the world to learn how to treat for radiation toxicity. Although the greatest concern is for those who reside in Japan and possibly Korea, all people should have the information available so that they can take appropriate action when need arises.

IBS Causes and Cures – A Natural Remedies Guide star
Because IBS is such a mysterious syndrome, the exact cause of it can be difficult to put a finger on. What complicates matters even more is the number of other bowel issues that produce the same symptoms as IBS.

Liver Cleansing star
The liver is the largest organ inside of the body. Cleansing the liver is essential with all of the toxins that exist in today’s environment, including those in processed or non-organic foods, the air we breathe, and medications we take.

Natural Holistic Remedies for Heartburn star
Are you burning up inside? Here are some natural and holistic home remedies that sooth the LES during occasional heartburn or acid reflux flare-ups that really work!

Protect Your Thyroid From Radiation star
Radioactive Iodine has been found in increasing levels arcoss the United States. This article will explain why and how you should protect yourself from this dangerous particle

Rebounding for Health star
So you’ve got the great diet now! Been to the Naturopath, talked to the nutritionist. Started raw foods, making your own green juices, delighting in grass fed organic meats, eating lots of wild fish and taking your expertly selected supplements. But you still feel down and out?

Rotavirus Information and Natural Therapies star
Approximately one in forty children are hospitalized for rotavirus annually, a statistic that included my three year old daughter this week. Here is what you need to pay close attention to, and some natural and homeopathic remedies to comfort your child during the course of the virus.

Stress Reduction for Stomach Issues star
Stress causes the physical body to secrete hormones that can damage the system long term. Stress hormones can affect your digestion, cause tense conditions in the stomach and intestines and can affect the correct release of digestive enzymes. Here are some tried and true methods to alleviate stress.

Systemic Candida Diet star
Candida albicans overgrowth is a serious disease that depletes energy and when taken to the extreme can be life threatening if one's auto immunse system is not functioning properly. Learning to control the candida is a challenge and requires diet modifications, sometimes drugs, or homeoapthy or oth

Treating Chronic Constipation star
Learn to treat chronic constipaiton with some remedies you may not have been told about including a very powerful oxidative therapy called Homozon.

Ulcerative Colitis – Naturopathic Treatments star
Ulcerative Colitis, or the forming of ulcers in the colon due to severe inflammation may have several causes. Naturopathic treatments look to the entire body for clues and cures for ulcerative colitis.

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