Mastic Gum for H Pylori Stomach Infection

Mastic Gum for H Pylori Stomach Infection
Why risk the use of antibiotics and their severe side effects when you can cure your H Pylori Infection with Mastic Gum. Learn how in this article.

Margaret Chan, head of the World Health Organization, announced in 2012 that any patient entering the hospital is gambling with their live when it comes to catching a resistant microbe and dying from it. She said that the use of anitbiotics must change due to the extreme danger of the development of resistant strains. She suggested that we must enter a post antibiotic era but along with that will come the threat of dying from what has become common and curable infection for the last 50 years.

The treatment for H Pylori infection generally includes the use of two and sometimes three high powered antibiotics and a proton pump inhibitor to reduce stomach acid for at least 2 weeks, but often the treatment requires 3 to 4 weeks of treatment. With the use of antibiotics for this serious infection you run the risk of developing a resistant microbe, not only of H Pylori but of staph, leading to MRSA. You can also run the risk of developing irritable bowel disorders and c-fifficile infection. Antibiotics are plan old dangerous, but unlike Chan, I beleive that we will not die from common infections as the use of antibiotics is curbed because those of us who are open minded enough and intelligent enough to make the shift will find alternatives that are very potent and curative without the dangerous and deadly side effects.

Mastic Gum is resinous gum(Pistacia lentiscus var.chia)of a is an old herbal from the Mediterranean region well know as an option for gasric ulcer disease. It is used in food in some parts of the region also and is considered safe for routine consumption.

The treatment is generally to take two 500mg capsules two times a day for 3 to 4 weeks. Antidotal reports show that symptom relief can be in as little as two or three days. Because this is such a serious disease I recommend a full three weeks of treatment and a followup test to make sure the H Pylori is gone. Often in alternative treatments for H Plyori I recommend an acid reducer pill for the first week or so of treatment but with Mastic gum I have read no indication that this is required. An acid reducer pill could help to reduce the pain in the first couple of days if your pain is severe, but so could common baking soda in water.

Like with all ulcer diseases, when the infection is cured you must consider that you have been suffering from a depetion in gastric acid. When gastic acid is low you are susceptible to invasion of microbes into the stomach lining. You may need a routine supplement of betain HCL tablets and digestive enzymes too. Each case is individual. Due to reductions in the self manufacturing of stomach acid with age this is why we see more H Pylori infections in people over the age of 40.

Some of my reading has indicated the mastic gum is also beneficial for crohn's disease so I will report on that at at future date.

New England Journal of Medicine article on Mastic Gum and H Pylori Ulcer Disease

Please be advised that I am not a physician. Please take care to independently research all health information that I provide and take responsibility for your own health decisions and the choices that you make. Your health is your responsibilty.

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