Kombucha as a Digestive Aide

Kombucha as a Digestive Aide
Kombucha As A Digestive Aide

Perhaps you have heard of Kombucha before and wondered what that could be all about. It took me a long time to come around to exploring this beverage. First I was put off by the idea of making a home brew. Who had time? Then I heard some negative media reports. Then when I found out that it was not a mushroom at all but a large biofilm of bacteria and yeast, well, that was enough to put a permanent damper on it or so I thought. Finally a few months ago someone stuck an ice cold glass of the brew into my hand on a very hot day and down the hatch it went. Now I am a Kombucha convert and drink it daily.

Kombucha has an ancient history as a tonic and a digestive aide. I can report that after one month of a daily dose it does seem that the digestion of both me and my husband had improved. The one most notable symptom is that gas has greatly reduced and that certainly has been a welcome change. No matter how much I have endorsed and eaten vegetables they always kicked up a ruckus.

Kombucha is noted for helping many disorders but most people that use it say that regular daily use for six months or more has been required to for significant notable effect. Reports of improved digestion are only part of the positive effect. Some people also report improved skin, constipation, arthritis, better sleep, improved eyesight, and lowering of blood pressure. Many people who have IBS or crohn’s disease have also gotten onto the Kombucha band wagon and have stayed on it.

Kombucha provides a fermented drink that is home brewed by biologically compatible bacteria and yeast. Store bought commercial Kombucha products are not as effective as this is a living drink and special care is required to keep it alive, although the starter “mushroom” or “scoby,” as it is called, can be commercially purchased.

Kombucha is traditionally made with a strong pot of black or green tea and sugar. The sugar is required for the bacteria and yeast to feed and grow upon. Any kind of tea can be used to make the effervescent drink and my preference is ginger or ginger lemon. I come out with my own living ginger ale beverage that will keep in the fridge for a week after it is made. I keep two half gallon bottles going at all times to provide enough for me and my mate. After you acquire the “mushroom” he only cost is for the cup of sugar per half gallon and the three tea bags for each batch. Mushrooms are easily grown and passed from friend to friend. In the natural process of making Kombucha new mushrooms develop and can be divided off.

If you have digestive issues this may be an answer for you. It is simple to do and costs little. Because people with serious bowel disorder have found benefit you may also. It is also reported that Kombucha will kill the cause of stomach ulcers on contact, the bacteria H-pylori.

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