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2008 Money Facts- New Minimum Wage, Tax Rates, Etc star
What you don’t know about your money can hurt you. This includes changes in wages, tax rates, exemptions and deductions. This also includes not knowing how to handle your money and/or your paperwork related to your money...

American Holidays, Taxes, Tea and the 4th of July star
Americans have been protesting taxes from the beginning of American history. Oddly enough the Boston Tea Party was held because of the removal of a tax, the Tea Tax. What do tea and taxes have to do with the 4th of July Holiday and Fireworks - the pretty thunder in the sky. Read on for my answer!

Are Mother's Day Gifts Taxable? star
You really have to be careful what you say around children. They tend to take what adults say quite literally. Take for example this short story about the little girl who went shopping in the local drug store for a Mother's Day gift that was not a taxable item...

Christmas Season and Tax Season star
Christmas Season and Tax Season have one thing in common. No matter the weather, no matter your financial state, no matter your mood, they arrive each and every year. This year even though Tax Season will arrive on time your refund may be delayed because of the Alternative Minimum Tax.

Extreme Makeover Ideas For A New Year, Life, Taxes & Other Stuff star
Every so often, every now and then everything in your life seems to be completely out of sync, running awash, disorganized, disheveled, running amuck and in general in need of an Extreme Makeover.

HGTV Dream House Tax Nightmare star
Is it fact or fiction that if you win the HGTV Dream House that it becomes a tax nightmare? Perhaps it’s all an issue of perception and if you want to actually keep it or not. What would you do if you were the 2008 winner?

Taxes To Be Thankful For this Thanksgiving star
Who in their right mind would be thankful for taxes? Well let’s just take a look at a few of the taxes that might be worth considering as worthwhile.

Thoughts on Father’s Day Giants, Taxes, Sports… star
Fathers are Giants in the eyes of their families. At the gatherings on Father’s Day to honor all of the Giants, undoubtedly, there will be many political discussions, tax discussions, economic discussions, and war related discussions amid the festivities to honor our Fathers.

Will I Owe Taxes If I Sell My Personal Residence star
In slumping real estate markets it may seem that there are no homes selling at gains but in reality some people are still making money on the sale of their personal residences. This prompts the question of whether that gain is taxable for income tax purposes. Let’s take a look at that query...

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