Basic Instructions

Basic instructions, techniques, materials lists and safety tips for the new as well as experienced soapmaker.

Customize your Own Soap Base star
How to customize plain soap base to create butter, clay, oatmeal, opaque and milk soap base

Equipment Used To Make Cold Process and Hot Process Soaps star
Important equipment and tools used to make cold and hot process soap.

Everyday junk that can be used as soap molds star
List of containers normally found around the house that were never intended as soap molds but can be used as such.

How to Layer melt and Pour Soap star
Directions on how to layer Melt and Pour Soap

How To Make Cold Process Soap star
Complete directions for making cold process soap, including sources for supplies -- lye, base oils, fragrance oils, essential oils, natural colorants and herbs.

How To Make Embedded Soaps star
Embedded soaps are really neat and really dress up a bar! Find out how to make those soaps...

How to make Hot Process in the Oven Soap star
How to make hot process in the oven soap. Directions and recipe

How to make hot process liquid soap star
Instructions on how to make liquid hot process soap.

How to make natural laundry soap star
Make it instructions make natural, chemical free laundry soap

How to make rebatched soap star
Rebatched soap is a method of soapmaking that takes advantage of leftover soap pieces, remelting them and adding ingredients to make a more luxurious type of soap.

How to make soap star
Learn how to make natural cold process soap, hot process soap and melt and pour soap. Detailed instructions and recipes.

How to prevent mistakes in soap making star
Some tips on preventing mistakes when making soap.

In the mold hot proces soap tutorial star
How to make in the mold hot process soap. Need natural handmade soap in a pinch? Then this is the type of soap you should be making. It has the look of cold process soap minus weeks of waiting for the soap to cure.

Make Bath Bombs star
Bath Bombs are easy to make and make great gifts. Basic Bath Bomb recipe,tools needed as well as list of sources for supplies.

Making Lotions and Creams star
Basic preparation for making lotions and creams

Popular Techniques in Soap Making star
A look into several popular techniques in soap making -- including some advantages and disadvantages of each one.

Preparing Your Kitchen for Soaping star
How to prepare your kitchen for safe soap and/or cosmetic making

Safe Soaping star
Tips and reminders that are hepful in making safe soap.

Safety when working with Potassium Hydroxide star
Potassium hydroxide is even more dangerous to work with than lye (sodium hydroxide). How to protect yourself when using KOH to create liquid soap.

Scams aimed at soapmakers star
Some scams aimed at soap makers along with some advice on how to avoid being scammed.

Soap Making Classes in the USA and Abroad star
A list of soap making classes available in the USA, Canada and Abroad

Soap Making in the Tropics star
Soap making in the tropics poses many challenges - and many rewards. Here is a rundown of things to be aware of when manufacturing natural soaps in paradise.

Soaping Safely star
There's no reason to be afraid of soap making. All you have to do is be properly prepared.

Soapmaking Abbreviations star
The most commonly used soapmaking abbreviations.

Some of the best natural soap kits star
Soap kits makes soapmaking easy for the beginner soap maker.

The Easiest Soap Recipe star
The easiest soap recipe for beginners is made from Crisco(trademark) oil. This recipe is perfect for the new soap maker as most of the ingredients are easily obtainable at the local grocery store or made using the materials you have at home.

The Truth About Lye star
Curious about lye in soapmaking? Learn more about lye and answer the age old question -- Does this soap contain lye?

Tips for making melt and pour soaps star
Tips that will save time and errors in melt and pour soap making.

Use Sodium Lactate to make a hard bar of soap star
Using sodium lactate to make firmer soaps

Water is important in soapmaking star
Water plays an importat part in soapmaking. It is the medium through which the chemical process of soap making occurs. Understanding why, and the amount of water to use will enable you to speed or slow the drying of soap bars as well as prevent seizing during the tracing process.

What to do with leftover soap scraps star
Most folks who make soaps regularly have leftover soap scraps. These are the pieces of soap left over after cutting soap bars

Why superfat soap? star
What is superfatting? And why should you superfat soap. Superfatting soap produces a more moisturizing soap and decreases the pH in the final soap making it more gentle to skin.

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